Safe Prenatal Yoga

Home Practices | taught by Julia Willoughby

Course description

Looking for some easy to follow and safe prenatal yoga to do at home?  These practices include safety modifications and instructions for women with discomforts as well as different levels of ability.  The yoga practices are the same as in the next level course - Yoga Active Birthing Skills.

The yoga postures  will help to release stress and tension from you body and mind during pregnancy.  They will also gently prepare you for Active birthing positions.

If you would like to learn more about birthing skills then consider the 2nd level course Yoga Active Birthing Skills

Enjoy your practices! 

Julia  Willoughby
Julia Willoughby
Childbirth Educator, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher
Julia has been teaching pre and post natal for over 18 years in Canberra, Australia.  She is also a Childbirth Educator specialising in Active Birth, labour massage and birth support.

Her passion is to empower women to birth their babies with confidence and knowledge.

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