yoga for birth
My name is Julia Willoughby and my passion is supporting women and their partners through this special time of their lives and helping them to feel confident and positive about their journey.  

After three decades of working with amazing pregnant women, and teaching yoga for more than 20 years, I have learnt that the more women take responsibility  for their births on a deeper level the more satisfied they are with their experience, however it unfolds.  By practising yoga you are priming both your body and mind for giving birth more naturally and learning ways to cope with the intensity and unknown aspects more effectively.
My training includes Childbirth Education, general yoga and pre and post natal yoga. I also run teacher training for the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) Post Graduate Certificate in Pre & Post Natal Yoga.
If you would like to feel confident, empowered and knowledgeable about labour and birth then Yoga Birthing Wisdom is for you! You will be guided into safe yoga postures which develop strength, stamina and flexibility and enable you to naturally adopt active birth positions in labour.  
You will learn simple and effective practices to reduce stress, strengthen your mind set and cope with pain including yogic breathing, mindfulness, movements to help labour progress, visualisations, sound, affirmations and relaxation techniques.  
To read how other women have used these tools check out these Birth Stories.
I hope you enjoy the yoga at this special time of your life and that it enhances your pregnancy, connects you more deeply to yourself and your baby and offers you some powerful tools for labour both for body and mind.


Julia Willoughby
Yoga For Birth and Beyond


"Julia instills a love of yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion. Her teachings helped me throughout pregnancy and at birth. Yoga has changed my life for the better and I have Julia to thank for that." - Brooke

"Despite my labour not going to 'plan' I felt as in control as I could be at all times and did not panic. Thanks so much for your yoga classes, I feel my birth experience would have been very different if it wasn't for them." - Emma

"We had such an amazing birth! I was able to get through with ease and my son was born with no pain relief.  Your classes were a great way to relax and get in tune with my body leading up to the birth. Thank you!" - Liz

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the golden knowledge of nuggets I learnt from you. I was calm and collected through the 72 hours of chaos. There are so many aspects of our childbirth experience I am so proud of." - Dimple


  • B.Ed (Hons) UK, MA Health Education(USA)
  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy (USA),
  • 1,000 hr Diploma of Massage Therapy (USA)
  • Certification in Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy (USA)
  • Certificate of Shiatsu (Sydney)
  • Certificate of Lymphatic Drainage (Sydney)
  • Graduate Diploma in Childbirth Education (Sydney)
  • Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training (IYTA)
  • Diploma of Dru Yoga (Dru Yoga Australia)
  • Certificate in Hypnobirthing – The Mongan Method
  • Dancing for Birth training
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certificate – Janice Clarfield
  • Post Graduate Dru Prenatal Yoga Training
  • Birthing from Within Mentor Training
  • Diploma of Pre and Post Natal Yoga (IYTA)
  • Certificate Infant Massage Instructor (IMIS)

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Yoga For Birth and Beyond